Obesity is Mother of all Diseases.

Doctor is on a mission - to help obese - overweight people to get relief in diseases, physical - social - psychological hazards due to obesity. Let's together throw this unnecessary fat away from body.

Obe2Slim - Weight Loss Clinic in Ahmedabad

Obe2Slim is amongst the several extremely equipped weight loss clinics in Ahmedabad that has been developed with great attempts to bring Weight loss treatments to their ultimate standards. Obe2Slim is committed to providing the best and have now been offering the best weight loss results. Owing to our superiority, we've achieved a repute of the best obesity clinic in Ahmedabad.


At Obe2Slim, our determination to your weight loss aims starts the quick you step into our center. The cautious analysis is conducted before personalizing each program to generally your unique requirements. And only the newest and sophisticated slimming technologies are utilized to shed your inches and generate the appealing silhouette you desire. Easy, Effortless and inexpensive our cutting –side therapies are made for stunning benefits without the side effects.


Obe2Slim, A Slimming Centre in Ahmedabad, helps to reduce the excess weight, in the end, preliminary modalities fail. Center is having many skilled and super-specialist weight loss doctors in Ahmedabad alongside a team of diabetologists, physicians, dieticians, intensivists and specialized physiotherapists to look after all & high-risk obese persons. This center is designed with all the newest facilities to provide first-class treatment.


MORE YOU DIET, MORE YOU ARE AT RISK OF OBESITY At Obe2Slim, We have undertaken a deep study of weight loss theories worldwide, and its positives are negative effects of that theory. We negate the side effects of weight loss and concludes that Overall Diet-Exercise is only effective and it works wonders. No magical medicines or machines help people to lose weight. At Obe2Slim, we minimize the use of medicines which can help people to lose weight naturally but our focus is on one of the most important aspects that we prevent side effects and mistakes people use to do during weight loss by continuous guidance and supervision.


Following is the theory that we believe and adapt during treatment

  • Generally, metabolism is a root cause & people use to disturb metabolism during weight loss, for example. If a person lose weight by various kind of Diet like only salads, soups, smoothies, sprouts, fruits, various powders, intermittent diet, keto diet, fasting, in place of traditional culture food, he or she will lose weight but a person can not stay on such things forever, so when they restart culture traditional food they regain all lost weight, even metabolism worsens that people put on more weight and next time when they restart weight loss, even they don’t eat, do regular exercise then also they cannot lose weight.
  • Before consulting anyone for weight loss, check and see all the details for weight loss online. Most consultants will increase your Protein intake and skip carbohydrates. All herbal shakes & gym supplements are high protein, but it is very sad to say that 50% people whose metabolism is slow are not able to digest protein only and when protein is not digested in a person’s body and that person continues high protein intake, the protein starts damaging the skin, then hairs, joints (Gout), then kidney, at last, it can damage heart too. How we are different: What We Do – Initially, we focus on the aspect as to a person is able to digest protein before we recommend any patient to consume protein via food & if anyone is intolerant to/ or is not able to digest Protein, We resort to our most effective treatment method for Protein Metabolism, Another theory of weight loss is PASSIVE THERAPY, liposuction, Cryolipolysis ( Cryosculpture) hot pad, pack, vibrations, etc..., but is it necessary that they burn only fat? If muscles are damaged than a person faces much more difficulty in losing weight, and after regaining fat in that part, all doctors & professionals who have used this machines are also facing severe physical troubles over a period of time, by crush diet or replacing or skipping meals, with weight loss there is muscle loss & metabolism worsens too much high extent.

If the root cause is hormones, you are in the right place. We have vast experience dealing with hormonal imbalance. If a person’s TSH is high what Doctor will do? The doctor will instruct the patient to start thyroid medicine for a longer period or maybe a life long. If a person is already on medication, we cannot ask him/her to stop. We have therapy and treatment that- may enable patients to live their life without any medication, once the treatment is completed. THAT TOO USING NATURAL METHODS. In case you are already on medication, we can help you to reduce the intake of harmful medicines. We have treated a number of patients and also proven cases in which Thyroid is controlled in patients & help people to lose weight too.


The very important thing is -People & even Doctors only focus on THYROID for overweight patients but there are other hormones that are also related to weight gain & metabolism. We at Obe2Slim, focus on the problem and then rectify and strike at the root cause of the problem and eradicate it forever, and treat hormonal irregularities. We have many patients who were suffering from Diabetes (type 2) and has been cured and they live life as if they never had Diabetes as there is weight loss and proper lifestyle modification. All medicines for Cholesterol, BP, Diabetes, joints pain, gas acidity, PCOD, for irregular periods (OC PILL) are either not needed or on low dose.


We have marvelous therapy for PCOD, Irregular periods, fatty liver, high uric acid, high TSH, digestion disorder. We do not focus on treatment that is not required for longer period of time, as soon as problem disappears, not more treatment is required.


We have a number of Gyms at various locations. We focused on R&D on a diet, exercise, obesity & metabolism. If you are already on diet & exercise and not losing weight, as desired, we can have positive discussion try to find some way out for weight loss.


The doctor is not required for weight loss, but the supervision of a doctor will be very useful during your weight loss & weight maintenance journey. We focus mainly and continuously on the study of positive weight loss theories. We focus totally on positive, genuine, ethical, and of course - unlimited support. We have treated many patients whose age is 70-75 years, whose quality of life has improved a lot after a treatment & by their blessings, We can give the best possible results to our patients. Lifestyle is the major cause of gaining weight. We help people by guiding them to manage their lifestyle. In case of females, if weight gain is after pregnancy/menopause/ long bed rest due to any reason or weight gain is after surgery/accident / any medication / long bed rest due to any reason. We just don’t go for Cosmetic Weight Loss, instead focus on main cause of weight gain. Try to help people to get relief in diseases & physical complaints developed after gaining weight.


Today we serve at 5 branches in Gujarat at following locations, where we have successfully treated more than 10000 patients, many of them were very severe cases.

  • Ahmedabad
  • Baroda
  • Anand
  • Kalol
  • Mehsana

We are with you in your journey of Happy Life by way of Counselling, Motivation, Inspirations and support for a patient's better life. After weight loss, there is adverse effect on the skin as Skin becomes dull, aging, wrinkles, etc… We take care to prevent such kind of results of weight loss. With 20 years of successful practice, we have learned a lot in dealing with obesity. We continuously improves with each new case.


Our vision is very simple "Healthy, Slim & Fit World"


We believe that weight problem should not be considered as a normal and treating it shouldn’t be looked down upon. We welcome you for exploring “Best Version of Yours”.


2009 Established in Year


10000 Satisfied Patient


20 Years of Experience


5 Branches

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