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Obesity is Mother of all Diseases.

Doctor is on a mission - to help obese - overweight people to get relief in diseases, physical - social - psychological hazards due to obesity. Let's together throw this unnecessary fat away from body.

We do deep study of weight loss theories worldwide, what are positive effects of that theory & what are negative effects of that theory, we rule out side effects of weight loss, overall Diet & Exercise only works, no magical medicines or machines are helping people to lose weight, we also have no medicines which can help people to lose weight, but most important thing what we do is we prevent side effects- mistakes people use to do during weight loss.
  • Generally, metabolism is a root cause & people use to disturb metabolism during weight loss, for example.
  • If a person lose weight by various kind of Diet like only salads, soups, smoothy, sprouts, fruits, various powders, intermittent diet, keto diet, fasting, in place of traditional culture food, he or she will lose weight but a person can not stay on such things forever, so when they restart culture traditional food they regain all lost weight, even metabolism becomes that much worse that people put on more weight and next time when they restart weight loss even they don’t eat, do regular exercise they cannot lose weight.
  • Anywhere in the world when you will consult anyone for weight loss or you check online all.
Will ask to increase Protein & Skip carbs, all herbal shakes & gym supplements are high protein, very sad to say that 50% people whose metabolism is slow are not digesting protein only when protein doesn’t metabolize & a person continue high protein intake, protein starts damaging first skin, then hairs, then joints( Gout), then kidney & at last damages heart too, what we do - we check first that how a person is digesting protein before suggesting anyone consume protein via food & if anyone is not digesting protein we have marvelous treatment for protein metabolism (no need of XYLORIC & FEBUXOSTAT) Another theory of weight loss is PASSIVE THERAPY, liposuction, cryolipolysis ( Cryosculpture) hot pad, pack, vibrations, etc, but is it necessary that they will burn only fat? if muscles get damage than a person faces too much difficulty to lose weight after regaining fat in that part, all doctors & professionals who has used this machines are also facing severe physical troubles after few time, by crush diet or replacing or skipping meals, with weight loss muscle loss also occurs & metabolism becomes further worse.

We have several patients who have regained total weight after BARIATRIC SURGERY TOO, which means there is no shortcut of burning calories & improving metabolism If the cause is hormones, We have vast experience to deal with hormones if a person’s TSH is high what Doctor will do? , will ask the patient to start thyroid medicine for life long, if a person is already taking allopathic medicines, we cannot ask to stop, he or she can lose weight but if Tsh is high & yet not started allopathic medicines, we can try No guaranty but definitely, we can try to control it without allopathic medicines with diet & homeopathic treatment, we have number of proven cases in which we have controlled thyroid & help people to lose weight too.
The very important thing is -People & even Doctors only focus on THYROID for overweight patients but many other hormones are also related with our weight & metabolism, we use to search it & try to correct hormonal irregularities We have many patients whose diabetes ( type2 only) is gone forever from their life because of weight loss & proper With weight loss, all medicines for Cholesterol, Bp, Diabetes, joints pain, gas acidity, Pcod, for irregular periods OC PILL are either not needed or for sure doses becomes very low.

We have marvelous therapy for PCOD, Irregular periods, fatty liver, high uric acid, high TSH, digestion disorder.
Our treatment is not needed for life long, as problem solves we can stop it, I am owing Gym, exercise is my passion, I have done very much R&D on diet, exercise, obesity & on metabolism, if already you are on diet & exercise than also by the positive discussion we can find some way for weight loss.
The doctor is not needed for weight loss, but the supervision of a doctor will be very useful during your weight loss & weight maintenance journey.
I am continuously on a study of positive weight loss theories.

One thing is guarantee & that is fully positive, genuine, ethical, unlimited support.
We have many patients whose age is 60-70-75 years, whose quality of life has improved a lot after our treatment & by the blessing of them only we can give the best possible results to our patients.
  • Lifestyle is the major cause of gaining weight. We help people by guiding them to manage their lifestyle.
  • For female, if weight gain is after pregnancy/menopause/ long bed rest due to any reason
  • If weight gain is after surgery/accident / any medication / long bed rest due to any reason
  • If the cause is Hereditary / Genetic
  • Not only look
We just don’t go for Cosmetic Weight Loss / We Search cause of gaining weight;
Try to help people to get relief in diseases & physical complaints developed after gaining weight.
Today we are having 5 branches in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Anand, Kalol, Mehsana where we have successfully treated more than 10000 people, many of them were very severe cases.

We do deep counseling and with full interest, use to get involved in their Lifestyle that how they are burning calories regularly and taking a variety of food with proper frequency without keeping many gaps between two meals to increase their metabolism.
Counseling, Motivation, Inspirations will be Provided unlimited for improving and support for a patient's better life.
We use the most effective and safe homeopathic medicines to improve impaired hormones, metabolism or diseases generated after gaining weight.
As per disease we give/suggest modern medicines.

We take care of their proper nutrition, we provide supplements especially fat-soluble vitamins so that a person losing weight does not suffer from any kind of deficiency.

Specifically after losing weight skin becomes dull, aging effect shows, wrinkles come we take care to prevent such kind of trouble of weight loss With 10 years of successful practice we also have learned a lot in dealing with obesity.

Our vision is very simple just like. "healthy, slim & Fit World".

We think “ weight problem should be considered as a normal disease and treating it shouldn’t be looked down upon”. “A person suffering from viral fever or cold is treated by giving the right kind of medicines similarly to people suffering from obesity and weight problems should not shy away from treatment. Obesity can be cured by taking the right kind of medicines and a healthy diet."


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