About Me

Dr. Nimish Bamta

  • Speciality :Consultant Homoeopathic
  • Education :Homeopathy at A J SAVLA Homoeopathic College in 2000 in Mehsana
  • Experience : 20 Years

Took knowledge & experience with all specialties like MD physician, gynaecologist, General surgeon, Ortho, ENT & paediatrician. Opened own gym with physiotherapy centre where helping aged & needed patients to get rid of their physical complains & disabilities.

Vast experience in metabolism/ hormones & lifestyle correction. Deep R & D on food, deep studies on various diet patterns it’s benefits & side effects, vast experience on pattern, benefits & side effects of various exercises, Works precisely on diseases, physical complains & medicines free healthy life, deals very smoothly with metabolic disorders like High Bp, Diabetis, cholesterol, heart diseases, digestion disorders like gas acidity constipation fatty liver, high Uric acid, joints pain after weight gain, breathing difficulties, PCOD, irregularities in periods & infertility in overweight patients.

Very humble in nature, human touch in treatment, does charity work for poor patients, free treatment to needed patients in rural area. Positive attitude & ethical approach for community.


DHMS G-4381