Obe2Slim, Ahmedabad: An ultimate solution for obesity without surgery 05-04-2020

Obesity and several connected problems Obesity is a physical appearance which can make your living harder, yes its correct HARDER, you might hear calling obese person मोटा, ઝાડો પાડા જેવો છે etc. Being obese condition would give you diseases may be little later in life but you would face mental troubles every day. If you have an average body you might not understand what obese people face they feel alone, lesser friends (because people usually mock on them) Social discrimination, Negligence, Underestimation, Hesitation etc.

Imagine a situation that you know dance steps on a song very well; you have practised a lot also in your room but you do not dare to perform in a marriage function because you know people use to observe obesity and would laugh than dance steps. Fat boys and girls find harder to do stage appearances because of hesitation about how they look.
The personal cost of being obese
In comparison to normal-weight people, morbidly obese and massively obese people are more likely to incur instances and interpersonal discrimination which need to face every day. In some survey, obese persons report a lower level of self-acceptance and lesser friends than normal-weight persons. It has been observed that children, adults and even health care professionals who work with obese patients hold a negative attitude towards overweight and obese persons. Obese people are viewed as physically unattractive and undesirable. People considered obese individuals responsible for their weight due to some character flaw as laziness, gluttony, lack of self-control and self-esteem.

In a survey of Delhi, India on child obesity twenty-eight per cent of teachers said that becoming obese is the worst thing that can happen, obese children are generally label as sad and lazy; obesity might be a cause of peer rejection. 
Adolescence is a time when rapid changes happen in body shape and size as well, at this time dynamic interaction with peers and parents’ weight control is a sensitive issue. Both obese boys and girls reported being more dissatisfied with their dating and relationship status compared with average-weight people. One study on obesity result says that obese teenagers are at great risk for mistreatment by peers and have fewer opportunities to develop intimate romantic relationships and their marriages too. In India, where arranged marriages take place at a wide scale, obese boys, girls are never considered as an ideal choice. The obese boy might be accepted because of his higher earnings but an obese girl needs to face a higher rejection rate at marriage proposals. 
The physical cost of being obese
In earlier times, being little bulky was absolutely fine but according to modern medicine maximum of the diseases are connected with obesity as heart attack, high or low blood pressure, bad controlled diabetes and even cancer.
Obe 2 Slim, Ahmedabad: An ultimate solution for obesity without surgery
At Obe 2 Slim we do not go only for cosmetic weight loss, infect we search the cause of gaining weight, we seriously work to provide relief in physical problems developed after weight gain. We have treated more than 10,00 people at our various branches as in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Anand, Kalol, Mehsana, who were suffering from obesity and other diseases.  We have treated those who were 70+age having heart diseases, bye-pass surgery of heart, angioplasty, cardiomegaly, kidney disease, severe uncontrolled diabetes or diabetic neuropathy with a great success rate and amazing results.

At Obe 2 Slim we treat our clients as our responsibility; we start with a study on their lifestyle and food structure, with the help of counselling and get involved in their lifestyle. We use most effective and safe homoeopathic medicines to improve impaired hormones, metabolism or diseases generated after gaining weight, that’s why once you get your ideal weight you may continue with that forever because now you know the reason.