Very common diseases among us nowadays are High BP, Diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases, gas, acidity, constipation, knee/back/ heal/shoulder (joints) pain, Uric acid, breathing difficulty, Oedema(Swelling), PCOD (Irregular periods, No/heavy/very less bleeding during periods), infertility, Hypothyroid, Stress/Depression, etc. We self or any of our family members must be taking medicines for this.

Now the trouble is not only these diseases but more hazardous is also medicines you start lifelong to suppress it, it does not mean that one should not take medicines but if complain or disease is borderline or just detected, one should try to rule out root cause & improve it, so that we can prevent organ/system damage, lifelong medicines, a side effect of that diseases or medicines. 

We have to control it, that’s mandatory because both the way there is trouble, if we ignore this disease, after a few months or years it can become worse. If we don’t correct root cause & start medicines, after few months or years new disease or physical complain can appear & the doctor will start new medicines or increase doses of current medicines, for example around the age of 35year due to work stress, obesity, improper lifestyle, Lack of exercise, irregular Food/sleep, low metabolism… any of these can cause High Blood Pressure or High Blood Sugar, Patient will consult a physician & obviously doctor will suggest Medicines if a person will not correct lifestyle/ metabolism which is root cause & continue medicines, either of following new symptoms uses to start

  • Swelling in feet after long seating
  • Difficulty in breathing by rising 3-4 stairs
  • Dry coughing
  • Low pulse rate
  • Increase in bp or sugar though taking medicines, so need to change medicines or increase the dose of current medicines
  • New diseases like high cholesterol or high uric acid so to control it Doctor has to add new & higher dose medicines.

One has to focus on correcting the cause of all these disturbances in health. We have treated a number of patients who not need to start medicines & they are able to resolve such diseases without medicines & also a number of patients whose doses of medicines have either reduced significantly or able to stop such medicines.

Obesity is also the mother of all diseases & physical complaints, obesity does not only disturbs look, but it also affects physically, psychologically & socially. With age little weight gain is natural, but in our society nowadays childhood & young age obesity is common, also till school & college life number of people are very much in shape & after marriage or as getting busy in carrier establishment, slow weight gain starts & slowly metabolism/hormones starts deteriorating & as we discussed, disturbances in health also starts simultaneously. If we start focusing on health from this age only, our future will be healthy, happy, fit & fine.

A hormonal issue like HYPOTHYROID, PCOD, INSULIN RESISTANCE, INFERTILITY, IRREGULAR PERIODS (Heavy/very little or no bleeding, Early or delayed periods, has to take medicines to start or stop bleeding) are also common nowadays. The future is not bright like this……

Is there any permanent solution for all these?

if we will try to improve disturbed metabolism/hormones/lifestyle under supervision of a proper doctor, we can prevent many diseases & if already under medications, doses of current medicines will sure decrease, maybe all disturbed parameters can become normal & slowly one can get rid of medicines, physical complains & diseases.

Mostly all these diseases are either related to impaired metabolism or hormones, so let’s try to understand how we can correct disturbed
metabolism or hormones.

  • If a person is already on Allopathic medicines & wants to improve metabolism or hormones, then medicines should be reviewed, such medicines should be selected which is having fewer side effects & are not needed to take lifelong. So if parallel we will focus on lifestyle modification & management slowly can get rid of medicines & diseases.
  • To switch over parallel to alternative therapy like Ayurvedic/ Homoeopathic or Naturopathy, if disturbances are borderline, sure one can correct it by alternative therapy.
  • Patients should try to spare at least one hour for physical activity.
  • If a person is already doing exercise/walk/ yoga or sports & then also suffering from diseases, one should change the pattern of exercise because the tendency of body/metabolism is to become used to such activity when we do it continuously for a long time, in short one should try to resolve the cause, otherwise only medicines cannot help. 

work stress, lack of physical activity, improper food, disturbed sleep is mostly the reason of disturbance in our body. If we make small changes in our lifestyle like doing regular physical activity, at least dinner 3 hours before sleep, little restriction of extra sugar, decrease the number of heavy carbs, we can remain very healthy.

We should understand exercise too, Cardio, yoga, strength exercises, each exercise has a different role in our body. Food is also marvelous medicine, consult your doctor, before starting any kind of diet as excess protein, excess row vegetables, keto diet, sometimes natural fruit juices also can harm our system. We should not follow blindly any kind of diet, as each person has a different tendency, it’s not necessary that all will get the same result by common diet.

During my 20yrs medical practice just by metabolism & hormonal correction, I have achieved marvelous results against current diseases. A number of patients successfully got rid of chronic diseases like High Bp, Diabetes, cholesterol, uric acid, Hypothyroid, pcod, infertility, severe joints pain, digestion issue, breathing difficulty etc….